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Lunar Nail Gorl Instagram Content

Project Type

Social Media


October 2nd, 2023 - Present

Taylor, the lovely nail artist behind Lunar Nail Gorl, mentioned to me one day during an appointment that she was in need of someone to assist her with social media. She consistently works over 14 hours a day and could hardly find the time, let alone the energy, to keep up with her Instagram account. As a nail artist who operates out of her own studio, Taylor's social media is essential to her business, not only to showcase her talents, but to also recruit new clients.
I offered to manage her Instagram as well as assist with photography and she happily and eagerly accepted. Immediately after, I developed a strategy to help her reach her goals and relieve some of her stress. I researched her audience activity, industry keywords, and relevant hashtags to optimize content and maximize reach. With this research, I created a general content calendar that focused on consistency and audience engagement.
Since taking over on October 2nd, 2023, my management of her profile has garnered Taylor a 13% increase in followers and 15 new clients.

Note: All freelance services that I offer are tailored specifically to my client's preferences and goals, including but not limited to caption length & content, hashtags, and overall feed appearance.

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